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A farm in the middle of HAWAII`s lush rainforest and wonderful cakes made with fresh and local ingredients


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We offer something different. Bake your own cake over the open fire at our beautiful farm

Baking Event Baumstriezel Baking Baumkuchenfarm

Bake your own cake!

Bake a Baumstriezel (the granddaddy of Baumkuchen) over an open campfire.
Even if it rains, our pavilion provides enough shelter. We prepared the dough, cut into strips, and you wrap the dough around a wooden stick, brush it with butter and cinnamon sugar and bake the cake over the beautiful campfire.
Finally, the most important thing: Enjoy your warm Baumstriezel right away with our delicious homemade chocolate sauce.
We offer the Baumstriezel Baking every Tuesday at 2:30pm, every Wednesday at 10:30am and on some other special days.

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Baking Event Baumstriezel Baking Baumkuchenfarm
Baumkuchen Coffee Kona Hawaii cake

We are passionate about baking. Each of our handmade items are carefully baked with love.


All of our products are made with the finest quality ingredients and guaranteed fresh. Made in Hawaii. Part of the ingredients are grown in Hawaii.


We are very punctual and promise to deliver fresh made products to every customer on time.

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