Farm Tours

Free Farm Tours

See the Baumkuchen farm where we grow our vanilla, learn about German-Hawaiian friendship, and enjoy the history of Baumkuchen.

Free farm tours every

Tuesday 1 pm and every Friday 11 am

Duration: about 30 minutes

The tour starts in our pavilion and after a introduction we walk to our mangosteen trees and to our vanilla. The tour ends in our visitor center / farm shop.

Dates and times see below.

November Farm Tours:

  • Tuesday, November 1st, 1pm
  • Friday, November 4th, 11am
  • Tuesday, November 8th, 1pm
  • Friday, November 11th, 11am
  • Tuesday, November 15th, 1pm
  • Friday, November 18th, 11am
  • Tuesday, November 22nd, 1pm
  • Friday, November 25th, 11am
  • Tuesday, November 29th, 1pm

December Farm Tours:

  • Friday, December 2nd, 11am
  • Tuesday, December 6th, 1pm
  • Friday, December 9th, 11am
  • Tuesday, December 13th, 1pm
  • Friday, December 16th, 11am
  • Tuesday, December 20th, 1pm
  • Friday, December 23rd, 11am
  • Tuesday, December 27th, 1pm
  • Friday, December 30th, 11am

Baking Days

Baumkuchen Oven Baking Day

If you come on

Thursdays between 10 am and 12 pm,

you will have a good chance to see our Baumkuchen oven in action.

Baumstriezel Baking

Bake a Baumstriezel (the granddaddy of Baumkuchen) over an open campfire.

Even if it rains, our pavilion provides enough shelter. We prepared the dough, cut into strips, and you wrap the dough around a wooden stick, brush it with butter and cinnamon sugar and bake the cake over the beautiful campfire.

Finally, the most important thing: Enjoy your warm Baumstriezel right away with our delicious homemade chocolate sauce.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:30pm. By reservation only.

Book here: Baumstriezel Baking: Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 2:30pm

You need another date? Contact us here

Prepayment per person $50. The event will only take place if at least 6 people have booked. Maximum of 15 people.