We are baking Linzer Torte beginning of next week! Order now if you want to get one of those:

There it is! The production of ProSieben – Galileo Deutschland. It tells Markus’ and Marie’s story from 2018 to today. [...]

Markus reading about the birth of Baumkuchenfarm. Many thanks to Debora Kuder and Sarina Pfauth for sharing our story. The book finally [...]

Mahalo MATOKA for telling the world about us! Link: The SECRET Hawaiian Farm That Makes Japanese German Cakes | Baumkuchen [...]

Thank you so much to Eheu (In-flight magazine for Japan Airlines JAL) for reporting about Baumkuchenfarm in the current issue [...]

Thank you so much to Hawai’i Magazine for reporting about Baumkuchenfarm in the current issue fall 2022! Link: Online: [...]

Link: Published 08/16/2022 in Honolulu Magazine Title: How Small Explorers Can Discover Hawai‘i, the Big Island. Follow this family-friendly [...]

Link: Published 07/15/2022 in Fuji TV Title: Popup! Hawaii specialist recommends Top 6 Hawaii products. Author: Sae Miyamoto Link only with [...]

Link: Baumkuchen made in Hawaii! Report 3 flavors | Aloha Street – Hawaii ( Published 05/24/2022: in Aloha Street Title: [...]

Many thanks to Hana Hou! magazin for reporting about us. Mahalo! The picture above was shown in the online article. [...]

2022/04 Baumkuchenfarm in LeaLea Hawaii TV: Published 04/06/2022 Title: ハワイの今【メイドインハワイシリーズ】日本・ドイツ・ハワイの文化が融合して誕生したバウムクーヘン・ファームをご紹介!パイナップルやマンゴーなどハワイアン Author: Watanabe
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