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Hawai’i Tourism Authority about Baumkuchenfarm

Detailed information about April at Baumkuchenfarm.

Thank you so much to Sae and Hawai’i Tourism Japan for reporting about us!

Published 03/30/2023 on by Hawai‘i Tourism Japan 

Title: As a popular souvenir from Hawaii, Baumkuchen on the island of Hawaii is soaring – ハワイ人気おみやげとして、ハワイ島のバームクーヘンが急上昇中

Text & Photos: Sae Miya

Online: ハワイ人気おみやげとして、ハワイ島のバームクーヘンが急上昇中「買い物」のコラム|allhawaiiオールハワイ

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