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Link: (3ページ目)ハワイの“ニュースなお土産”3つ オアフ、ハワイ、マウイから厳選 (

Published 02/14/2022: in Crea Magazine


ハワイの“ニュースなお土産”3つ オアフ、ハワイ、マウイから厳選


Three Hawaiian News Souvenirs, Handpicked from Oahu, Hawaii and Maui / Baumkuchen made by a German couple on the Big Island of Hawaii!?

Author: 宮本紗絵 / Sae Miyamoto

This only is page 3 of the article:

And here is a little translation (translated by Translation tool in Microsoft Edge):

Baumkuchen made by a German couple on the Big Island of Hawaii!?

The entrance to Baumkuchen Farm.

Speaking of Baumkuchen, it goes without saying that it is a German sweet. There are various kinds of Baumkuchen in the Japan, and Japan is more popular in Baumkuchen than in Germany. I think this is the time of year.

Well, I heard a rumor that such Baumkuchen is also made on the island of Hawaii, so I went there.

About 15 minutes by car from Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. In a secluded and leafy spot is Baumkuchen Farm.

On the grounds of the 9-acre Baumkuchen Farm.
Vanilla to grow.

Vanilla is also grown on the site and free farm tours are held every Friday at 11 a.m. (as of February 2022, advance confirmation is required).

Here, German couple Marks and Marie are baking Baumkuchen.

Born and raised in Japan, Marks loves Baumkuchen in his Japan, and his love for it has grown to the point where he has studied traditional German Baumkuchen. I am familiar with the German and Japan Baumkuchen and make Baumkuchen that is typical of Hawaii.

Baumkuchen in Hawaii fuses German tradition with the deliciousness of Japan. Don’t you really care what it is?

Shop and factory at Baumkuchen Farm. The entrance handle is Baumkuchen.

This Baumkuchen is available in three flavors: pineapple, Hawaiian coffee and macadamia nuts.

The cans are printed with the words Baumkuchen in Japanese because Mr. Marks was born and raised in Japan.

3 Baumkuchen $22 each.
The can also has Japanese letters.

What I bought was a macademia nut Baumkuchen.

The ingredients are also from the Big Island, and macadamia nuts made on the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii Island are used.

Macademia Nut Baumkuchen $22.

When I opened the vacuum-packed bag, the sweet smell spread and I felt happy. It has a very gentle taste, and the flavor of macadamia nuts spreads richly with aroma.

There are many rings, and it seems to be auspicious. Compared to Baumkuchen in Japan, it has a slightly darker eye color.

If you can’t get to the shop easily, you can buy it at the farmers market held in Waikoloa and Hilo on the island of Hawaii, Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company, Kona Mountaine Coffee, etc.

It can also be purchased on Oahu and is sold at Kona Mountain Coffee Waikiki in the Hilton Hawaiian Village (

Sold at a farmer’s market on the Big Island.

Baumkuchen also joins the ranks as a new souvenir in Hawaii!

Baumkuchen Farm

Location 27-714 Kaieie Road Papaikou, HI 96781
Phone 808-491-5032
Business hours 8: 00 ~ 12: 00
Regular holiday Saturday and Sunday

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